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Book-a-week, week 4

The bad book motif continues, with From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris. The Southern Vampire Novels / Sookie Stackhouse Novels are another example of a series that I can’t seem to stop reading even though it’s really not good … Continue reading

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Book-a-week, week 3

I did finally get off the memoir train and jump into some fiction: Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs.  I didn’t say it was literature, just fiction.  I might work up to some good books, but it’s the start of summer … Continue reading

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Book-a-week, week 2

This week I read another memoir by a funny woman: Jen Kirkman’s I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales from a Happy Life without Kids.   I think I read a blurb about the book in Bust or maybe … Continue reading

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Hike-a-week, week 1

This post should be subtitled: I really really suck at hiking. I like to hike.  Kind of.  I mean, I like seeing pretty views and waterfalls and hanging out with people outdoors.  But the actual hiking part, not so much … Continue reading

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Book-a-week, week 1

I’m big on planned habit formation: swim a mile 3 times a week, go to the beach every day for a month, find a new beach each month of the year… I’m not always big on the follow-through, but who gives a shit? … Continue reading

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And so it begins

I have been teaching at various levels, from third grade through Ivy League college students, for the better part of 20 years.  (Holy shit.)  I’ve had some other jobs in that time, but I seem to have settled in (permanently? accidentally?) … Continue reading

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