Book-a-week, week 4

The bad book motif continues, with From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris.

The Southern Vampire Novels / Sookie Stackhouse Novels are another example of a series that I can’t seem to stop reading even though it’s really not good at all.

I love the TV show “True Blood,” or at least I loved the first few seasons of it.  I picked up the first of these novels on which the TV show is based the summer after Season 1.  And I was shocked… it’s so rare that you can honestly say, “The TV show is so much better!”

Maybe Alan Ball is just that much more of a creative genius than Charlaine Harris.  I mean, you do have to give her credit for inventing the world, but there’s no doubt that Ball knows how to tell a better story.  All of the novels, they just sort of wind down in really anti-climactic ways.  The most striking example of this is the one with the maenad… She comes to Bons Temps and wreaks havoc.  Eventually she is offed in a satisfying way that allows one of the main characters to be a hero.  In the book… she just gets bored and wanders off into the woods.  It just kind of peters out, which is what all of the novels do.

I’m about to embark on a 10-day vacation.  I’m not bringing any dead-tree books, but I got several e-books out of the library.  One of them might even be called literature.  We’ll see if I get to it.

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