Hike-a-week, week 4

Yes, you are right.  There were no hikes in weeks 2 and 3, sadly.  The truth is that I wasn’t quite on sabbatical yet.  In fact, I still am not.  Slacker Sabbatical begins officially on July 1, 2014.  But once classes wound down, it felt like the sabbatical was on a slow start-up.  The last week of school and finals week, however, gave me limited hiking opportunities.  And the weather simply didn’t cooperate with my free time.  Alas.

Frankly, I’m not sure if my week 4 hike should really count as a hike.  It was more of a stroll on a mostly paved path.  But it was still lovely.  I give you: Muir Woods.




Enormous redwoods, bigger than seems reasonable, yet still smaller than you can find elsewhere in California.  Walking this path, I was simply awestruck by these trees.  We stayed to the flat and paved path because we were a large group with varying levels of hiking ability.  The main purpose of the trip was socialization and being out in nature, not a hard-core workout.

Still, I spent a few hours ambling in the woods, and it was lovely.



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