In my very first post, I set out a list of goals for my sabbatical, including:

Get a second dog so my girl has a buddy.

Well, let me introduce ‘Opihi, the newest member of our household.  (She’s the one on the left in the photo, not yet trusted to be off leash.  Our girl Kona is the one on the right.)

She is both an absolute sweetheart and a complete terror with a set of razor sharp teeth.  She is better than a shelter dog with scars and a likely rough history has any right to be, and she’s fantastic with our dog and our cats.

But yesterday was a trial to say the least.  We lost a leash, a seatbelt, and a pair of really expensive headphones to this girl.  She also got scared on the nighttime walk and dove under a parked car to hide… wasn’t easy coaxing her out to go home.

Today we bought new headphones, a new leash, bitter apple to deter chewing on the things we don’t want her to chew, and lots of things that she’s allowed to chew to redirect her attention.

I think overall adopting her is going to be a great thing for us and for Kona, but it’s clear that we had a 4-day honeymoon period that is now completely over.

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