Book-a-week, week 9

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I admit it: I read about the upcoming film starring Ben Affleck, who is seriously amazing and can do no wrong… I don’t care what all you haters say.  (In fairness, I never saw Gigli.  Or Daredevil.  But I still know I’m right.  And I’m sure he’s going to be great as Batman in whatever that new superhero movie is that I’m probably not going to see.  He’s awesome.)

So, yeah, I will probably want to see the movie when it comes out.  But I was reading vague things like “people didn’t like the ending of the book, but the movie’s ending is going to be different!”  I figured at some point pretty soon, something about the story is going to get spoiled for me, so if I ever want to read the book and be remotely surprised, I should do it now.  So I did.

I will try to write spoiler-free, though if you want to read a spoiler-full post that articulates some of what I very much didn’t like about the book, go here.

The book is in three parts, and during the first part I was actually kind of bored.  It seemed like such a cut-and-dried tale.  But then in part two… well, I was definitely surprised!  I like it when a book (or movie or whatever) can surprise me!  But then we slide into part 3 and it just kind of … meh.  It totally fizzled out.  The ending was not a surprise.  It just wasn’t much of anything.  I hope the movie does, indeed, do something more there.

The writing was great, and I admit I read the book pretty obsessively and pretty quickly.  I was wrapped up in it for quite a while, but then as the end neared and I saw what was going to happen, I just wanted to be done with it.

I will probably read something else by Gillian Flynn, just to see if I can be surprised again.  I will definitely see the movie when it comes out, because Ben Affleck is awesome.  Shut up, yes he is.

ps One of the early lines in the book has Nick (Affleck’s character) describe himself as someone with a face people want to punch.  It kind of made me laugh.  As much as I love Ben, I could totally see the haters latching onto this line and talking about how perfect the casting is…


ETA: Holy shit!  I just looked up the IMDB entry because I was curious who played Amy… I couldn’t remember from the trailer.  But then I saw it!  Neil Patrick Harris plays Desi!  There is no way I am not seeing this movie!

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