Slacking on my blog!

Well, that seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

It’s not that I haven’t been going on hikes, reading books, or doing other things on my Slacker Sabbatical.  I just somehow haven’t made the time to blog about them.  I’ll try to do a few of the more important ones today and tomorrow, before leaving for a trip… two weeks during which I probably won’t blog again.

I won’t blog about every hike, just one big one.  Though I didn’t really get out into the woods ever day, I did take two trips up to Makapuu Lighthouse, including one with Hawaiian Humane Society and a whole bunch of dogs.

Makapuu Makapuu2
(Photos by some nice guy who was presumably working for the Hawaiian Humane Society.  I didn’t get his name, but they posted this on their Facebook page without a photo credit, so … fair game for me to repost?  I hope so.)

The two dogs also got to revisit the first hike I blogged about, without the getting terribly lost part.  (To my credit, we ran into another group who had made exactly the same mistake I did the first time.  So maybe I don’t suck that much.)  As we were leaving, we found out that there’s a swimming hole somewhere along the hike, but I’ve now missed it both times.  (Evidence of swimming hole: many, many people in bathing suits and wrapped in towels exiting the hike.)  We will have to explore again later.


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