Book-a-week, week 10

I’ve been traveling and not blogging while I was away. I’m going to do a couple of quick book posts, and then (I hope) get on to some more substantive stuff.

This week’s book (which I actually finished maybe three weeks ago): Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs. Yeah, another one of the Bones books. You know, they’re really growing on me. I’m still not enamored of the moment-of-mortal-peril that has to happen in every book just before Tempe gets rescued by the (male) cops. I mean, wouldn’t you seriously start to doubt your career choice? Or at least your instincts about checking out leads along without telling anyone where you’re going? Clearly you have made bad decisions in the past, Tempe. Learn from them. You’re supposed to be some kind of genius, right?

Anyway… there’s actual science in these books, which is real (I believe) and interesting. The writing is good. And I am not ashamed for liking them. Much.

This one is set in Jerusalem and involves what might be the bones of Jesus’s family, including a brother (meaning Mary did not stay a virgin which is apparently against Catholic dogma… what kind of guy do they think Joseph was? that he never wanted it at all?). This was probably my least favorite of the books so far in that I didn’t care so much about the central mystery what with it’s heavy religious overtones. But the descriptions of Jerusalem kind of made me want to go there and see it for myself.

Not much more to say… a quick and mostly enjoyable read…

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