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Book-a-week, week 16

Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs. Yeah, another “Bones” book.  I have decided I actually really like these books, with one caveat… but I think the thing I don’t like about the “Bones” books is the same thing I don’t … Continue reading

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Heat Wave

I forgot to mention in my last post… Part of what has been making me depressed / edgy / grumpy / whatever you want to call it is, I think, this crazy heat wave we’ve been having for going on … Continue reading

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In, on, and near the ocean

In my very first post, I listed a few of my goals: Learn to surf.  Like, for real.  Catch a wave or several.  Stand the fuck up and ride it.  And don’t piss off everyone in the lineup. Join a … Continue reading

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Book-a-week, week 15

Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris. Yeah, another Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire novel.  Since “True Blood” ended (with a whimper), I figure I can knock off the rest of these.  Though why do I want to?  I’m a … Continue reading

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Book-a-week, week 14

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan. Yes, I’m still on the “lighter reading” kick, recovering from Zadie Smith.  I’m not sure why I picked this one up, actually.  It was one of those things where I saw three mentions of … Continue reading

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Book-a-week, week 13

The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars #1) by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. What?  I said it was going to be a lot lighter!  I meant it! So, some backstory:  Our cousin, who knows our tastes really well but is … Continue reading

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Hiking in Korea

See that? Two hiking posts in a row! Two in a row!  I’m not such a slacker after all. Though, in fairness, these particular hikes occurred in the month of July, and I haven’t been on a single hike since … Continue reading

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