Heat Wave

I forgot to mention in my last post…

Part of what has been making me depressed / edgy / grumpy / whatever you want to call it is, I think, this crazy heat wave we’ve been having for going on six weeks now.  No trade winds, 90 degree heat, blazing sun.  I’ve just been sitting on the couch with the A/C running.  It’s been so hot, that even contemplating going outside makes me all sticky.

But it turns out that a heat wave like this makes for an amazing ocean swimming experience.  The ocean here is always reasonably comfortable, like mid 70s in the winter and pushing 80 in the summer.  But even that is well below body temperature.  So it can feel chilly getting in, and I often feel cold if I try to just hang out in the water not doing much.  (I’m a more active snorkeler than most, because if I just sort of float there looking around, I get cold.)

Right now, NOAA says that it’s about 82 in Honolulu and almost 85 in Kaneohe (near where I swam yesterday).  It may only be a few degrees, but it is so noticeable!  I could just float around in the water seemingly forever.  And when I got in, there was none of that bracing cold feeling until I got all the way in and acclimated.  It was just perfectly, perfectly lovely.  It made me feel great, but at the same time terrible that I hadn’t been spending more time in the ocean during this heat wave.  What the hell was I thinking, just sweating away on the couch?!

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