Book-a-week, week 16

Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs.

Yeah, another “Bones” book.  I have decided I actually really like these books, with one caveat… but I think the thing I don’t like about the “Bones” books is the same thing I don’t like about mysteries in general.  The last chapter is always this totally contrived information dump in which our hero has some reason to re-hash every single clue dropped throughout the book and explain how it fits into the solution.  “And what about this?  And what about that?” asks the person who has no reason to be there except as a stand-in for the reader.  Blah.  Maybe I just don’t like mysteries.

But I like the science, and the smart women (and women’s friendships, and complicated relationships, and professoring as a job and…).  So I’ll probably stick with them for a few more books in the series.  But I’ll take a break for a bit and possibly read something a touch more highbrow.  Maybe.

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