Peacock flats, for real


In a completely uncharacteristic bout of following through on plans, we went back to the Peacock Flats hike again, this time just with the younger dog.  The whole hike is about 3.6 miles each way, with a pretty significant elevation gain.  At about mile 2.5 or so, we were all feeling pretty good.


It was an overcast day (as you can probably tell from the pictures), which was great because it wasn’t so hot on this very exposed, very un-shaded road.

I wore just regular sneakers, since the “trail” is really a paved road the whole way, and my feet were much, much happier on the way down.  I guess I need me some new hiking boots that fit.  It could be that 6+ years of wearing flip flops has caused a little foot spread or something.

I was surprised at how un-crowded this trail was, on a weekend with perfect hiking weather.  I suppose it’s not the most bang-for-your-buck hike in terms of scenery per effort exerted.  But it’s pretty nice, can be an easy walk or a hard climb depending on how far / fast you go, and has ample parking.  We only saw a few cyclists (That did not look like fun at all! Why do people do that? The uphill looked torturous and the downhill looked terrifying.) and a small number of other hikers.  More cows than I’m used to seeing on hikes in the tropics, though.


They serenaded us the last part of the downhill, and a few came to visit and wish us well.  A few things I learned on the hike:  We have some weird ass trees in Hawaii.  And some people hike with Christmas ornaments.

weirdtree                 xmastree

I don’t know if you can tell how weird the tree on the left is, but it’s really really weird in a way I can’t quite explain.  The tree on the right had a bunch of red snowflake ornaments all over it, but they didn’t come out well in any of the pictures…

When we got home, we all felt kind of like this.


I was pretty sore that night, but felt remarkably ok the next day.  The dog is wondering when we’re going to do it again.

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