Book 22

Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs

Is there anything to say other than yeah I read another one?  I think I’m just going to knock off this series and the Sookie Stackhouse ones this sabbatical, because that is what I get for being a bitter ender.

Standard Kathy Reichs fare… good writing (really).  Interesting science (I swear).  Moment of peril that would have me seeking another job when it happened the first time, yet here we are in book… what? … book 11?  At least this time a dude was in peril with her.  I guess?  And (SPOILER) I saw a mile away that the satanic shit was a fake trying to throw the police off the track of whoever was the real killer.  I do kind of hate when I see things that obvious and the “brilliant” characters in the books miss them completely.

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