Hikes: two “failures” and one success


I’ve been neglecting the blog.  That’s the joy of blogging for absolutely no one.  I can just ignore it if I don’t feel like it.  But I do like the idea of having a record of my adventures during my sabbatical year.  (Note, however, that I have recorded nothing about work — even my fairly extensive work travels — here.  That’s not an accident.)

I haven’t been doing nearly so much hiking as I had hoped, but there has been some.  In March, the Humane Society hike was the Maunawili Demonstration Trail (well, just a couple of miles of this much longer hike).

Since the hike was on the windward (rainy) side of the island, we checked the weather forecast.  All looked good, so took the older dog on a short walk, packed up our stuff and the younger dog, and headed out for the trailhead.  You can probably guess what happened.

The rain started right as the group set out.  As we hiked, it the rain got heavier.  By the time we returned to our car a few hours later, the two people and one dog were soaked and muddy.  We did what we could to dry off with just one tiny doggy towel in the back of the car.

Overall, it was actually a pretty nice hike.  I’d like to go back on a nicer day, because I suspect there are some pretty views.  There were a couple of spots where the trees cleared and we were treated to a wide expanse of … clouds and rain.  But on a pretty day we should see the ocean, the Mokes, and lush greenery.

The April Humane Society hike was to be the Waimano Valley trail.  When we woke up that morning, the weather looked terrible.  It had clearly poured all night, and was still cloudy and threatening.  All weather reports pointed to sustained rain throughout the day.  Rather than another muddy rain-soaked hike, we stayed home, doing chores and cooking.  And of course the clouds broke, the sun shone through, and it turned into a beautiful day.  And we missed what sounds like a really cool train that we haven’t been on yet.

So… two weather-related failures because it’s so impossible to say what’s actually going to happen on an island full of micro climates.  Hiking in the rain when it’s warm isn’t really so bad; we should just go for it in future, muddy car seats be damned.

The success was an old standby hike: Pillboxes.  It’s the one hike that never fails to impress visitors.  It’s a real hike, not just a stroll on a paved road.  The start is a bit challenging (steep and loose rocks), and you do some significant elevation.  But the reward of the views from this ridge hike is spectacular.  The picture at the top is the view of the Mokes.  Below, looking up the hillside to the “Pillbox” where the hike takes you, and a view towards the southern tip of the island from the trail.

PC120109.JPG          PC120114.JPG

Plus, you can combine it with a trip to Kailua or Lani Kai beach and / or Kalapawai cafe.  (My houseguests from Iceland and I did both beach & lunch.)

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