Book 29

How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran

I’m way behind in my book blogging.  I wish I had written about this one right away, because I highlighted lots of phrases throughout.  But since it was a library book, those highlights are lost now.  Oh well.

This is a supposedly-not-autobiographical novel about a girl who becomes a music journalist written by a girl who became a music journalist.  I loved so much about this book.  The fat girl protagonist who didn’t fit in but still felt she was special . The trying on of different personalities.  The imposter syndrome upon landing a dream job.  And the stuff I couldn’t relate to: the journalistic fear of being a fan instead of a critical observer, and how that affects enjoyment of art.

Johanna is a badass.  I loved the book.  I remember thinking while I was reading it that I wish it were a memoir, because this is what I want memoirs to be like, and none of the ones I’ve read really are.  Of course, people’s real lives don’t happen in nice narrative arcs.  But a good author should impose the narrative arc after the fact, no?  I should find more books like this, and dump the celebrity memoir reading perhaps.

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