Book 32

Faithful Place by Tana French.

I already wrote about the other Tana French book I read this year, The Likeness.  This is the third in the “Dublin Murder Squad” series.  The series is cool in that each of the books (at least so far) has a different main character.  The main character in The Likeness is a love interest / partner in Into the Woods.  The main character in this book is a supervisor / side character in The Likeness.

This one may be my favorite of the three books.  The place, the cold case of a murdered teenager who had stood up the main character (now a detective).  The difficult family dynamics on Faithful Place make me feel that my clan is downright functional.

It’s been a while since I read the book, so my non-spoilery memory of the details is fading.  I will say that like French’s previous works, resolution of the crime relies to an insane degree on coincidences and dumb luck.  The detective’s young daughter just happens to have been snooping at exactly the right place, just a few weeks before the wheels of the investigation are set in motion.   And how did everyone not know that Rosie was dead?  In the internet age, there’s no way that she would have no digital trace, no record that a cop could find in his years of looking.  And the family was somehow sure that she’d send a birthday card this year though she never had before?  I guess folks can be delusional, but this seems like a whole other level.

In any case, there seem to be already two more books in the series, and these are some of the most genuinely mysterious mysteries that I’ve read in a while.  So I’ll keep going with it for now at least.

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