Book 34

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And other concerns) by Mindy Kaling.

I know that my summary of The Interestings made it sound like I might swear off memoirs.  But this was already on my wish list, so there it is.  I knew it would be a quick read, so I dove right in.

I have to admit that I never watched the US version of “The Office.”  The British one was funny but so cringe-inducing.  I couldn’t imagine (1) Anyone but Ricky Gervais pulling off that character, (2) The need for a remake, or (3) My ability to be that uncomfortable for the 24 or so episodes of a US season.

But the first few minutes of “The Mindy Project” (which I would catch at the end of whatever show I TiVo’d right before it) were amusing enough for me to watch the whole shebang on Netflix.

I love a lot about “The Mindy Project,” and I’m ambivalent about a lot of it as well.  But I’ve never read an interview with Mindy Kaling that I didn’t love.  I love that she pushes back hard on the racist, sexist, and fat-shaming (as if she’s fat!) undertones of questions like “Where do you get your confidence?”  (See this post.)

She as a person seems beyond rad, so I dug into the book.

I expected it to be a quick read — that’s part of why I was willing to pick this one up when I’ve been away from books for so long.  It was, just a few hours a day over three days or so.   And she is as awesome in her memoir as she is in interviews.  Smart, funny, self-deprecating a bit, but also supremely confident and badass.

I’m almost a little bit tempted to go watch all of “The Office” now.  I probably won’t, at least not for a while.  But I want to see more of Mindy, and see her in a different role.  I also had no idea that Ellie Kempner is in it, and she’s just the fucking best.  It’s been in my Netflix queue forever… maybe after I get through all of “Friends” (which I watch during my workouts), I can move on to that.

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