Hiking – Makapu’u Lighthouse


One of my favorite views on the island.

We have missed a few humane society hikes due to travel, weather, and other conflicts.  But we did make it again to the Makapu’u sunset hike with the Hawaiian Humane Society.  (Last year’s hike described here.)

We debated a while before deciding to take both dogs again this year.  The old one is really having some arthritis.  But she loves other dogs and hikes (or she used to), and this is one of the easiest ones around.

What we did: I hiked with `Opihi, going pretty quickly.  Her rules of the hiking path seem to be “none shall pass.”  If some dogs are going faster than us, she tries to speed me up so that we can overtake them.  I feel a little bad that I’m not a fast enough hiker for my girl, but honestly I don’t know who would be!

The husband walked with sweet but elderly Kona, since he wanted to go slow and take pictures anyway.  After hanging out up top for a bit (where we ran into our neighbors! whose name we don’t know! and whom we never would have recognized, but we totally recognized their dog!), we headed back down.

At about the halfway point, we ran into our partners in crime.  The husband and I switched dogs.  He went quickly to the top to snap a few pics, since I knew `O could handle another trip up & down.  (The pic at the top is from my cell phone, and doesn’t do it justice.)  I turned around and headed down with the old dog.  She was going very slowly and seemed to really be struggling with the downhill.  But she also seemed happy, especially to see other dogs & people.  We need to get her arthritis treated.  We’re giving supplements, but she pretty clearly needs something more.

As the sabbatical ends (it’s officially over, in fact, today), I know that I didn’t hike as much as I wanted to.  But I did get out there and enjoy myself a lot.  I hope to keep it up at least on the weekends as I head into teaching again.  We’ll see.

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