Book 35

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris.

This one is actually way out of order.  I read it ages ago, but apparently never wrote it up.  I’m mildly interested in having a record of what I’ve read this sabbatical year (who knows why), so I’m adding this post mostly to record the fact that I read it.

I don’t remember much about the book (not surprisingly).  I do remember that I was pleasantly surprised.  After a couple of books where basically nothing happened but a lot of talk, this one felt relatively fast-paced, and there were some nice surprises and reveals.

It appears to be the end of Sookie and Eric because he wants power in vampire world more than he wants her.  Someone is trying to set one or both of them up, and early on Eric is framed for murder.  And Sookie finally uses her magical faerie compact (I forget what it was called), but she used it to save Sam and not to keep Eric with her.

Will Sookie end up with Sam in the book series?  (Very different from the TV show.)  Will she end up with no one?

I thought about checking out the last one right away, but then I didn’t get around to it.  Of course, now there’s a waiting list, and classes are about to start.  I had thought I’d kill off the series this year, but that looks less likely.  Still, I might be able to kill it off not to far into the fall…

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