Book 37

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

So I’ve read all three of her books so far, and I think that Gone Girl is actually my least favorite of the bunch.  But they were all pretty engaging, fun reads.  They were thrillers where I partially but not totally figured out what was going on, which is always satisfying.  There was enough there that I could have seen it, but the twist is clever enough that I didn’t.  Or maybe I was satisfied enough with a partial explanation that I didn’t look any deeper?  Not so great for someone in my line of work.

I just found out that the movie is coming out sometime this year, starring Charlize Theron as Libby Day, the girl orphaned when her mom and two sisters were brutally killed… a crime for which her older brother was convicted, based at least in part on her eight-year-old testimony.  I think Charlize is a little to … statuesque?  beautiful? …  to play Libby.  Charlize is, what?, 5’10”?  And Libby was supposed to be a tiny kid who turned into an even tinier adult.  But whatevs.  They horribly mis-cast Gone Girl, too, with Ben Affleck much older than both the woman playing his twin sister and his older wife.  Oh well.  Gillian Flynn tries to write more interesting women, even if Hollywood decides they all have to be blonde and  perfect.

Back to the book… I remember the satanist hysteria, and could totally buy into the witch hunt (so to speak) that would have surrounded this teenage boy who listened to heavy metal and wrote disturbing shit in his diary.

This was a great plane read on my recent trips.  I’m feeling pretty sad that my reading is going to have to wind down soon…

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